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Kazuyasu Kochi Ana House

A residence for a family of four on a “flagpole” property (one setback from the road with a small access to it). Rooms laid out following a grid were painted each in their own colors, and the walls and floors between them were perforated with openings, to create a “very dense landscape” in which each room appears to be multiple spaces. The layering of complex planar openings makes the volumes be recognized ambiguously and forces them to be perceived flatly.

The sections of the four rooms can be seen at the intersection of the openings in the walls and floors. The paint colors were selected so they stand out between adjacent rooms.

The design aimed to discover a new, highly dense spatiality by opening holes in the grid of the existing wooden structure, in the same way as cubist painting discovered new ways of representing depth and freeing up the viewer by capturing simultaneity and transparency through introducing multiple points of view in one painting.