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Jun Aoki m

The 324.5 m2 (3,493 ft2) house – located in a residential neighborhood in Tokyo – stands on the corner of two busy streets. The house’s rather large size (by Japanese standards) and the need to provide privacy for the residents, as well as to reduce the traffic noise, resulted in what architect describes as a “stout” house.

This prompted the architect Jun Aoki to consider the exterior facade to be a backdrop of the cityscape. The color of the exterior wall – bluish black plaster – simulates the surface of the road. The prestressed concrete louvers (explained in detail below) are left in bare concrete color, just like the power pole in front of the house.

Inside the three-story house, there are eight “window rooms” spread throughout the house. They buffer the noise and other elements from outside come into the house while allowing air and natural light to be admitted.

The floor of these window rooms – open to outside without glazing – is designed to be close to level with the interior rooms by having the drainage slope under the pebbles.

For the louvers, prestressed concrete is used for added security. The 250 mm (9.8 inches) fins measure 10 mm (0.4 inches) at the thinnest part.