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Makoto Tanijiri Ai Yoshida House in Yoyogi-Uehara

This project was built for the purpose of creating a home-office for the art director couple, SPREAD, and their two cats on a 66m2 lot in Yoyogi Uehara. The two sides (architect and client) took a hands-on approach, researching, studying and planning together, instead of the client simply conveying terms to the commissioned architect.

Setting the environment from the perspectives of both graphic design and architecture, they came to design a process that an architect could not achieve alone. By planning the home-office setting for work and life take to place simultaneously, while maintaining a certain distance from each other, the two spheres separated despite being under the same roof. In all, a house that internalizes the urban experience was realized.

The house is a complete a three-story wooden frame, with basement. The exterior wall is treated with resin mortar waterproofing, out of one end of which the entrance opening is cut out, formed with exposed glass-paned doors, while cutting the inward line of sight just enough to maintain privacy. The stairs from basement to third floor connect with a meandering flow, changing the view with every curve.