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Yo Shimada House in Yamasaki

The 93.7 m2 (1,009 ft2) house is located in a valley in Hyogo Prefecture that has many cloudy days throughout the year.

Therefore, the architect, Yo Shimada from Tato Architects, intended to create a light-filled climate within the home.

The base of the house is sunken 760 mm (2.5 feet) into the ground, in order to thermally buffer the ground floor. The bedrooms, kitchen, and living / dining areas are contained within this box. Perched atop are the three white huts.

Two of these light structures are covered by a double layer of translucent polycarbonate sheets, inspired by greenhouses on the surrounding farms.

They capture natural light and (when opened) breezes into the rooms below. In the summer, windows on the gabled roofs can be automatically opened to vent the hot air.