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Satoru Ito House in Chikusei

A project to take apart a warehouse about 90 years old, move it to a new property, and redesign it as a residence. The project reused materials from the warehouse and the main building on its original site, as well as those collected from other old architecture. Using the warehouse’s wooden frame, and gradually drawing in the outside with the terrace and veranda, as well as extending the interior with the construction of a new annex, the design complicated the boundaries between inside and out despite being separated by a wall.

The façade has steel louvers inserted at varying heights and angles to block the line of sight from the outside. The lower Ōya stone was originally the foundation of the warehouse.

The existing frame was used retaining the arrangement of the columns, changing only damaged members and adjusting height during installation where necessary.

From the annex, the veranda, the interior corridor and sliding doors connect the inside with the outside, and create a multi-layered buffer for the winter living room.