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Yoshinari Kimura Naoko Matsumoto house A / shop B

A home and shop in an area just to the north of the center of Kyoto where such mixed use is very common. Given the environment surrounding the property, the building opens to the north side, while keeping the main structural elements on the south side, where it is unlikely for the environment to change in the future. The design uses a basic module of a “fishbone” frame with ト-shaped wooden trusses on the south side and one twice as wide, alternating to form a double grid. By using the trusses extending to the north as boundaries to create the second story and mezzanine, given the extended height of the first story, the residence, store, workshop and café were formed as separate spaces, each with its own character.

The first story contains the workshop open to the street, the café in the rear and the shop in between. The second-story residence is accessed by the stairs in the store.

The height of the first-story café space is 5.185 meters below the beams. The openings covered with 2-mm fiberglass reinforced folded panels allow natural light to penetrate, making it a bright space. The columns on the north and south sides use 12-cm squared members and the center columns use 30×12-cm members. The 1.275-meter side corridor space extending to the rear of the property along the center columns is used for placing items sold in the shop and chairs for the café.

The first-story workshop space and office are open to the frontal road, and are structurally separate from the rest of the building. Its unenclosed ceiling is also separate from the mezzanine above.