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Atsushi Kawamoto Mayumi Kawamoto eaves house

A residence for a couple and their two cats. The clients wanted a house, however small, that can be shut to guard their privacy. The nearly 45-degree-angle roof has eaves that extend down to one meter above ground level. A sort of corridor space is formed under the overhang, connecting the residential environment with the surroundings, so that openness and enclosedness coexist in the house, following the clients’ wishes.

With eaves that extend down to one meter above ground level, the nearly 45-degree-angle roof functions as a sort of wall when looking from the inside. The structure places 38-mm-thick spruce-pine-fir (SPF) members at 45.5 cm intervals. The openings can all be closed from one spot; when opened they create a continuity from the interior out to the garden.

The concrete foundation is extended upwards as 85-cm-high walls, atop which rest the SPF members of the wooden frame arranged as a right-angled triangle. The rafters exceed 9 meters in total length.

The first-story columns, and second-story floor joists and columns were assembled on site and fixed atop the concrete foundation wall, to support the rafters.